What’s New?
Cue Card: Best Practices for Including Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing


What’s New?
WEBINAR: What Administrators Need to Know to Support Collaborative Teachers.

Our Services

The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) collaborates with all districts and schools to provide customized services and supports ensuring all students with disabilities have the same educational, social, and future opportunities as their peers. We offer:

  • District Capacity Building
  • Family Support and Resources
  • School-Based Planning, Implementation and Support
  • Resources and Products

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Core Practices

BPIE Assessment

Please click here to learn about the self-assessment tool for districts and schools to assess their current inclusive practices.

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Best Practices for Inclusive Scheduling

Please click here to learn about the student-centered inclusive scheduling process to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

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Peers as Partners in Learning

Please click here to learn about the PPL  courses and programs in secondary schools.

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Best Practices for Collaborative Teaching

Please click here to learn how FIN can support  Collaborative Teaching partnerships.

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Let’s review some statistics about our Project

For more details, check out our Annual Report
More than 192 District BPIEs and 7,277 School BPIEs since 2013
1,110 professional development offerings with 16,730 participants
6,872 products developed and disseminated
1,376 students enrolled in middle and high school Peers as Partners in Learning courses
Supporting Secondary Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities in the Virtual Environment
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