Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) – District

The Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) district-level self-assessment is a FIN-facilitated process to identify and prioritize areas of need for inclusive practices that enable all students with disabilities to achieve their highest potential. The BPIE processes are based on work by experts in the field, best practice literature, and peer-reviewed research. When implemented with fidelity, and informed by the school-level BPIE self-assessment, the BPIE processes lead to the development of a Plan for Inclusive Education, reflecting short-term and long-term improvement efforts that increase effective inclusive practices across the district.

The Florida Inclusion Network provides support for the implementation of BPIE and the related Plan for Inclusive Education in all Florida school districts.

Legislative Overview: a brief overview and side-by-side comparison of both the District and School BPIE self-assessment processes.

For more information about the BPIE, download the District BPIE:

BPIE - District Level Assessment

To view and download a list of the Indicators, please click the link below:

District BPIE Indicators At-a-Glance

A list of the 30 BPIE Indicators only.

and FAQs:

or contact your regional FIN office.

When you schedule the BPIE, we will provide you with a fill-able electronic document that you can disseminate to be filled out.

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