Core Principles

Core Principles of Inclusion

Inclusion isn’t something that you “do.” It’s a belief. It’s a civil right, especially for students with disabilities. It is reflected in the culture of a school , and it involves basic principles such as presuming competence and making the least dangerous assumption. It is a set of everyday practices that result in positive student outcomes and it has benefits for students with and without disabilities, teachers, administrators and families. Use and share the resources on this page to learn and start discussions about the core principles of inclusion.

The Inclusion Story

What is Inclusion?

An overview of the foundations of inclusion, with essential concepts and frameworks needed to promote an inclusive school culture.

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Building Inclusive Schools module

Building Inclusive Schools (BIS) is a self-paced module that provides an overview of effective inclusive practices for students with disabilities.

The module is comprised of five learning sessions that can be viewed or reviewed at any time.

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FIN Services and Resources

An overview of the services and resources FIN offers for districts, schools, and families.

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