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Tips for Families in Supporting Their Children with Disabilities in Virtual Formats

As a result of COVID-19, schools are following the CDC’s guidelines for maintaining physical distance from others. With schools moving to distance and virtual learning, families are being challenged to supervise educational activities at home. FIN has developed this Tip Sheet to assist families of students with disabilities in working with their children using a virtual format.

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Volume 1 – What It Means To Be Inclusive

Volume 2 – What It Means To Be An Advocate

Volume 3 – What It Means to Have An Inclusive Classroom

Volume 4 – What It Means to Have An Inclusive School

     Communication Tips for Families

7 Back-To-School Tips For Parents: Start The Year Off Right 

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Tips para que las Familias Apoyen a Sus Hijos con Necesidades Especiales al usar Formatos Virtuales

Volumen 1 – Lo Que Significa Ser Una Escuela Inclusiva

Volumen 2 – Lo Que Significa Ser Un Defensor

Volumen 3 – Lo Que Significa Tener Un Aula Inclusiva

Volumen 4 – Lo Que Significa Tener Una Escuela Inclusiva

Consejos de Comunicacíon

7 Consejos de Regreso a Clases

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Volim 1 – Kisa Sa Vle Di Le Ou Entegre Tout Moun Ladan

Volim 2 – Kisa Sa Vle Di Pou Se Yon Defanse

Volim 3 – Ki Sa Li Vle Di Pou Genyen Yon Sal Klas Ki Entegre Tout Moun

Volim 4 – Ki Sa Li Vle Di Pou Genyen Yon Lekol Ki Entegre Tout Moun

Konsèy sou Kominikasyon

7 Tounten nan Konsèy lekòl la

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