Peers as Partners in Learning Lessons

Peers as Partners in Learning (PPL) is both a course and a program at a middle or high school in Florida. Students with and without disabilities comprise the individual program at a school, and a customized program name may be adopted to reflect the school culture. A Teacher of Record with a certification in Exceptional Student Education leads and guides the program at a school site.

Programs may vary widely in size. It is recommended that new programs begin small and grow each year as students develop excitement about becoming part of it.

This page contains lessons for both middle and high school programs. Lessons are provided in Word files, so that teachers may customize them to their program accordingly. Lessons are designed to spiral across grade levels, and alternate activities are provided in each lesson that may be used for subsequent years.

The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) is always available to provide support to new and existing programs. Please fill out the form to contact FIN for technical assistance with PPL:

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2024 HS Lessons

2024 MS Lessons

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