School BPIE for Administrators

Welcome to the school administrator page for the School Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) Assessment!

The document links below provide all of the information school administrators need to prepare for and complete the School BPIE Assessment Process.

Please download, print and read the following documents for complete details on the School BPIE Assessment process and how to access to your school’s online BPIE assessment account. If you have any questions about the School BPIE process, please contact your local FIN facilitator or your District’s ESE Office.  If you have any technical questions about the online BPIE assessment tool, please contact us at [email protected].


School BPIE Assessment Process At-A-Glance:
A list of steps for administrators to complete
the BPIE Assessment process.


School BPIE Assessment Instrument:
Comprehensive details on the 34 BPIE Indicators,
Examples, Ratings, Data Sources, and directions for school teams completing the BPIE.


School BPIE Login Guide:
A quick visual guide on the online
School BPIE login and assessment steps.




For more information about the Florida Statute that defines inclusion and the School BPIE requirement, please click the following link:

Florida Statute Section 1003.57

For technical assistance with your school’s online School BPIE Assessment account, please contact BPIE Tech Support:

[email protected]

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