Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) – School

Led by a FIN facilitator or a FIN-trained leader, the School Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) Assessment is a school self-assessment process designed to identify priority needs, develop goals, plan improvement strategies, and organize resources to support the implementation of inclusive practices for students with disabilities. The School BPIE results are used at the school, and are also embedded in the district’s Plan for Inclusive Education.

The BPIE includes 34 indicators of inclusive practices, aligned with the district level BPIE, that are categorized within the following three domains.

• Leadership and Decision Making
• Instruction and Student Achievement
• Communication and Collaboration

A FIN facilitator or FIN-trained leader assists the school team, which is selected by the school administrator, in reviewing and rating the School BPIE indicators. Based on the final team assessment ratings, priority indicators are identified and short-term and long-term improvement strategies are developed to improve and increase inclusive practices across the school.

For more information about the School BPIE and how you can be involved in supporting inclusion, please explore the following resources:

Legislative Overview: a brief overview and side-by-side comparison of both the District and School BPIE self-assessment processes.

To view and download a list of the Indicators, please click the link below:

School BPIE Indicators At-a-Glance

A list of the 34 BPIE Indicators only.

School BPIE Overview: A brief description of the School BPIE and the supporting legislative requirements

School BPIE FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the School BPIE Assessment


For more information about the Florida Statute that defines inclusion and the School BPIE requirement, please click the following link:
Florida Statute Section 1003.57

For more information about the School BPIE Assessment process, please contact your school administrator, your district Exceptional Student Education (ESE) office or the Florida Inclusion Network.

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